Dear Fellow Club Members,
I hope this letter finds you all doing well! Our club – THE  – LIGHTHOUSE POINT SALTWATER SPORTSMANS ASSOCIATION has some really great things coming up so we figured it would be a great time to revamp our communications. It feels good to be kicking the fall off with a brand new newsletter! Thank you Joe, Mark, Dennis, and the team for figuring out a new format! We will do our best to keep them coming!
We are just coming off another great Club Wahoo Trip that was a success! Some nice Wahoo caught aboard the Relentless with the never faltering Capt. Siegel on the helm. Great work guys! They braved the rough seas to cross on a snotty day only to be rewarded with a less crowded Bimini and more fish. Such a blessing to have guys from the club to make that trip!

The winning didn’t stop there! Trae West put together another great Club Battle Tournament  that was a huge success! From what I hear the World Famous Meat Wagon Wins Again! Great job boys – sails, dolphin, smiles all around. We will call that a win for the LHPSSA as most of the anglers were from LHPSSA and the others were members of the LHPSSA before joining other clubs. Kona Blue finished second out of the LHPSSA boats. Great job Capt. Golden! Gene Stoller and Charlie Berkley fished with Mike. 3rd Place for the LHPSSA boats went to My Time/Big Dog Tackle with Trae West representing for the club. Congrats to all for doing a great job representing our club!
I know you guys can’t stop winning so we have on of our first Fall Hat Tournaments coming up on December 14th! The Tournament Committee will be announcing the Game Plan at our November Club Meeting on Wednesday 11/20/2019. I hear Trae is going to out do himself with door prizes this month!
Although the weather did not cooperate as we would of liked –  a special Thank You to Arnie for putting together another fantastic Venice Trip. Some time in New Orleans and the ride out of the Mississippi is worth the trip in and of itself. I know several of the boats loaded up with Tuna even though the seas were rough. The evenings in the lodge by the bar with your friends from the club never gets old.
I am very proud to announce we have just inducted 7 new members bringing our Membership to almost 90 again and I hear we have a number of new potential candidates in the pipeline! Very exciting to get some new blood involved. I would join just to get one of those fancy new shirts that our famous artist and special guest member Dennis Friel was awesome enough to design. Thank you Dennis!
I also hear we have some really exciting club parties on the horizon. We all know that when Bill gets to planning we all are in for a treat! Charlie Greenberg has graciously offered his beautiful new home as a venue. Wait till you see his new crib! More details to come in this months meeting at the Yacht Club!

Also this year we launched the “LHPSSA Fishing Reports & Intel” group on the FishAngler mobile app so that club members can stay connected to the LHPSAA community, share in real time their Fishing Experiences, and submit Fishing Reports to compete for yearly awards, all within a private LHPSSA membership environment. So far 50% of the club has downloaded the app and joined the group! We want to encourage everyone in the club to join the LHPSSA group and contribute. During the monthly LHPSSA meetings while sharing fishing reports around the room, we hope to be able to show off photos of your catches that you have posted!
We will be running into 2020 with swelling membership, really cool and new fishing tournaments and events, a calendar of really top notch speakers and some new meeting venues. Its so special for me to see the new relationships that develop as our club grows and to know that many of our members lives will be forever changed because of our great members and the friendships they develop. Even those members that move away, enter different phases of their life or just take a break from club life – they will never lose the memories, friends and experiences they gained from THE ONE AND ONLY –  LIGHTHOUSE POINT SALTWATER SPORTSMANS ASSOCIATION.
Looking forward to see all of you at the upcoming events!
Sincerely – 
Your President

 This previous weekend on November 16th 2019, Big Dog Tackle held their 2nd annual Club Battle Tournament. Being a Sailfish and Meatfish combined tournament, this gave many teams a chance to pull together enough points to win the glory for their club. LHPSSA club members Tom Jones, Steve Siegel, and Mike Price along with their crew on the Meat Wagon managed to catch and release 4/5 sailfish, 4 gaffer mahi mahi, and a keeper kingfish.  Their sails were enough to push them to the top of the leaderboard and crown them champion of the 2nd annual Club Battle Tournament. 

The Bimini Wahoo Trip was 10/26 – 28 out of the Bimini Big Game Club. Unfortunately, the weather played havoc with this trip and only one boat made the crossing. It was a struggle but Team Relentless finally got into some nice wahoo. Steve Siegel was joined by Tom Heller, Joe Whitefall, Eric Melnicoff and Mark Repetski as well as a couple other members of the Sir’ Reel team. They rounded out the trip with a day of free diving and spearfishing at Middle Isaacs.

The next HAT tournament is around the corner and we only have two boats and 6 anglers signed up at this time. We could certainly use more boats and anglers for this tournament. The more members we can get the better. This will keep out friendly competitive HAT tournament tradition alive. Check your schedule and sign up now!

We are planning on having the Hat tournament Saturday December 14th. We are going to be in the middle of sailfish season and this is a perfect window to do our annual sailfish tournament. If you would like to enter your boat or be an angler, please feel free to email me (jeronimo1996@hotmail.com) or text me at 954-224-4184.

Depending on how many boats and anglers participate we can book the yacht club for lunch and weigh-in after fishing. 

Tournament Rules:

Lines in will be 7:00am and lines out will be 1:00pm.                                    

Point System

Sailfish release is 25 points each

If there are no sailfish caught, the winner will be decided by meat fish at 1 point per pound. Any legal all size fish will count.                                        

Eligible meat fish are: 

Kingfish (24 inches to the fork)

Wahoo (No size limit)

Tuna (No size limit)

Cobia (33 inches to the fork)

Dolphin (20 inches to the fork)

Jeronimo Grassi

Leaderboard 2019-2020:

Dolphin Wahoo Kingfish Blackfin Tuna Swordfish Cobia
Pete Prior 24.9 lbs   Frank Schmidt 18 lbs.   Ted Ziel 216lbs  
Thomas Matlock 18lbs          


Snook Tarpon Bonefish Permit Redfish (over 26 inches)
Allen Furia 27lbs     Mark Repetski 15lbs Allen Furia 42 Inch’s
        Allen Furia 38 Inch’s

Sailfish Catches Per Day 

  1. Meat Wagon Tom Jones 4 sails released

Most Outstanding Catch Nominations:

  • None

Tournaments Results 2019/2020:

  • Hat tournament winners June 29,2019 (only 2 boats weighted in)

1st) Final Judgement- Tom Mathews, Jeronimo Grassi (mate), Ken Whyte, Robert Roy
2rd) Crescendo – Charley Greenberg, Randy Strauss (mate), Trae west, John Kent 

  • Venice trip Oct 10-13, 2019
    • No tournament points tracked due to weather
  • CLUB BATTLE 2019 (Nov 16th 2019)

1st – Meat wagon – Tom Jones, Steve Siegel and Mike Price
2rd – Kona Blue – Charlie Berkley
3rd – My Time/Big Dog Tackle – Trae West

To create a fun and challenging competition that is fair and equitable for our club members. 
We want to encourage the highest participation amongst active club members. This year’s goal is to double the number of fishing reports gathered last year (27 reports) and make the information more usable to members.
Apr 1st, 2019 / March 31, 2020 Annual Awards & Tournaments rules:
Annual Tournament Champion (Major Award – Trophy) – Qualifications will remain the same.  Most points acquired through the entirety of the annual hat & money tournaments. 
Points:  3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd. Most points acquired annually by individual.
Most notable/ outstanding catch award (Major – Trophy) – Notable catches will be documented by pictures submitted to the board. (In person or online) Board will vote at tournament year conclusion. Notable catches can be caught anywhere in the world and can be any fish species. Points will count toward Club Championship (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd).  If you catch something notable/outstanding you must tell me that you want to nominate it for this category and send me a picture.
Club Sanctioned Travel & International Trip Tournaments – Tournament Rules will differ by tournament. Each club sanctioned away trip will be its own tournament.  Some of these tournaments will have individual winner(s); some will be by boat.  In order for the Club to sanction a travel/international tournament, there must be at least 3 boats if it will be a boat tournament or 6 LHPSSA anglers if an individual tournament.  Points will count toward Club Championship (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd).  
Most sailfish releases in a day – Fish must be caught on day trip out of local inlets Fort Pierce to Key West and not on a Charter.  Points given to LHPSSA anglers on board. Points will count toward Club Championship and Florida Championship (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd). 
Most Fishing Spots shared with club members by logging each spot as “Fishing Spot” posts on the private  “LHPSSA Fishing Intel” group on the FishAngler mobile app. Points will count toward Club Championship (3 for 1st (most), 2 for 2st, 1 for 3rd).
Offshore targeted species champion: Awards given to the angler who catch the largest Blackfin Tuna, Swordfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Cobia and Kingfish. Fish must be caught on day trip out of local inlets of Fort Pierce to Key West. For Swordfish – girth and length measurement calculated weight will count if weight by scale is not possible. 
The 1st place angler for each species will be crowned the champion for their respective species for the year and they will earn 3 pts.   Second Place and Third Place anglers or captains will gain 2 or 1 point respectively.  Points will count toward Club Championship and Florida Championship (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd). 
Florida Inshore targeted species champion: Awards given to the anglers who catch the highest number of any of the following individual species in a day: Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Bonefish or Permit in a day of fishing.   Try to document your catch by picture if possible. These species can be targeted on any day trip in Florida waters. 
3 Points will be awarded to each winning angler.  The 1st place angler for each species will be crowned the champion for their respective species for the year.   Second Place and Third Place anglers will gain 2 points or 1 point respectively. Points will count toward Club Championship and Florida Championship.
Permanent Trophies:
Club Champion – (Major)   Points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the annual tournament champion winners (3x) or triple credit, each club sanctioned travel trip (1x), the most sailfish releases (1x) and for each of the offshore and inshore targeted species and for most notable catch (1x) in order to determine the club champion. Name on Permanent Trophy, Individual Trophy award. 
Florida Champion – (Major) Member with the most points acquired from the Targeted offshore and Florida Inshore awards.  – Name on Permanent Trophy, Individual Trophy award. 
International Champion – (Major) The person with the most points from the Club sanctioned travel and international trips. – Name on Permanent Trophy, Individual Trophy award
We will not award the Club Championship and Florida Championship to the same person.  If the same person is in first in both categories, then the next person with the most combined Club Champion and Florida Champion points will be the Florida Champion.  
Fishing Reports!
Must be submitted to the “LHPSSA Fishing Reports & Intel” group on the FREE FishAngler mobile app that can be downloaded from the Apple & Google Play store. Post a catch with the following information filled out.

  • Catch Date:
  • Fish Species:
  • Catch Location:
  • Weight:
  • Length:
  • Bait used:

How to report “LHPSSA Realtime Fishing Reports”!

Catch’s must be submitted to the “LHPSSA Fishing Reports & Intel” group on the FREE FishAngler Apple & Google Play store mobile app. Post a “catch” with the following information filled out.

  • Catch Date: Required
  • Fish Species: Required
  • Catch Location: Required
  • Weight: Required
  • Length: optional
  • Bait used: optional
  • Water depth: optional

 Step 1) – How to download the FREE FishAngler mobile app

  1. Download the “FishAngler” mobile app from the Apple or Google app stores onto your mobile smart phone!
    1. Use keyword “FishAngler” as the store search keyword to find the FishAngler app
  2. Download and open the app and register as a user
    1. Check your email for an account confirmation email and click on the verification link

Step 2) – Join the “LHPSSA Fishing Reports & Intel” group

  1. Once the App is downloaded & your registered
    1. Open the FishAngler app
    2. Tap “More” icon on the bottom right navigation menu
    3. Tap on the “Groups” entry on the more menu
    4. On the top menu under the search box enter keyword “LHPSSA” and tap on “REQUEST”
      1. Select “LHPSSA Fishing Reports & Intel” group
        1. Tap on the “REQUEST/JOIN” button on right side 
        2. This will send a membership request to the group administrators to approve you joining the PRIVATE LHPSSA group
    5. Once “accepted” into the LHPSSA group you will receive a push notification which you can then tap on. The tap will take you into the app to the LHPSSA group profile page.
    6. Notice the different info tabs “About, Feed, Catches, Fishing Spots, Photos”
    7. Once you are in the group, as other members post catches/reports you will automatically see their posts under the main “Following News Feed”

Step 3) – How to post a Fishing Report

  1. Open the FishAngler mobile app
  2. Tap on “+” icon on the bottom of screen
  3. Tap on “Log a catch” and fill in the following fields
    1. Select one or more fish photos of catch or next (no photo)
    2. Add a catch description – required
    3. Tap on Catch Date – required
    4. Tap on Fish Species – required
    5. Tap Catch Position – use map to mark spot if not automatically updated  
    6. Tap on “Bait Type” – optional
    7. Tap on Next button on bottom of menu
    8. Tap on Catch Weight – required
    9. Tap on Catch Length – optional
    10. Scroll down and tap on NEXT button
    11. Post Setting Privacy menu – 
      1. Select the “LHPSSA Fishing Reports & Intel” group
      2. If you want to only to let LHPSSA members see the post change “Share Post with FishAngler community” to “NO”
    12. Tap on POST at bottom of menu!
    13. You’re done, the report will should up to all member on the following newsfeed!



It has been a tough year so far for lobsters, especially compared to last year, although there have been some reports in the last week of good numbers in shallow.  Hogfish season is now closed, but there have been some nice black grouper taken off the third reef this month.  The guys on Relentless put in a day of spearing after wahoo fishing over in Bimini and got some nice hogfish.  If any of the divers in the club want to get out either locally for some dives or head across to spear some fish, reach out to dive chairman Steve Siegel and he will try to put something together.

Steve Siegel


12/14 – HAT Tournament
12/14 – Holiday Party at Charlie Greenberg’s 6pm
2/8/20 – Hat Tournament (Sailfish)
3/28/20 – Chokoloskee Tournament
4/25/20 – Hat Tournament (meat fish)
5/16/20 – Key West Trip
7/25/20 – Hat Tournament (Dolphin)





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