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6/13/15 Dive Report

Saturday afternoon dives – We did two dives.  First we dove the third reef.  No fish to shoot.  Then we dove the second reef and shot 3 nice hogfish and 1 red grouper.  Incredibly, I did not see a single lionfish on either dive.  Without looking for them, I saw at least half a dozen lobsters on each dive so hopefully that is a good sign that this will turn out to be another great year for lobster.

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Diving locally

Hog fish have shown up. Limit is five per person and they must be 12″ to the fork.
We took limit of Hog Fish two days running. We left the really big ones and smaller ones alone. Tried to stay in the 3-4 pound range. They werre on inside of 3rd reef half way between Hillsboro and Boca Inlets.
If John can attach picture I’ll send to him….I do not know how to do that.

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