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As we discussed at the meeting last Wednesday, below is an email from Bruce Marx (the attorney in Miami leading the charge to save the marker) listing all the pledges received from the fishing community to try to prevent the demolition of the marker. Basically, the Bob Lewis Fishing Tournament would take over responsibility for maintaining the marker (which is one of the main bait catching spots in Miami) going forward. As you can see, there are a number of people on the list that have been very good to our club. This issue may not be in our backyard but if you have any interest in supporting this cause, please contact either Bruce Marx or Rob Ruwitch at the email addresses below.




Dear All:


We have now received over $100K towards the DERM costs for a total of $215,457.00 in pledges, to date.  I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to make a pledge.  I also wanted to advise that pledges are still need.  All of the government officials with whom I have been speaking have commented on how impressed they were with the fishing community’s passion and support for this cause.  As a result of this support, these government officials understand the import of the Bent Range Marker to the fishing community and are looking at this matter very closely.


Therefore, please continue to spread the word amongst your network and request that pledges be sent to Rob Ruwitch at and to me at  Thanks, again.


I.          Shoreline Expense


Rodney Barreto – $115,000.00


II.         DERM Transfer Costs


Scott Robins/Weez In the Keys – $15,000.00

Costa Sunglasses – $10,000.00

Bass Pro – $10,000.00

CCA Florida – $5,000.00

The Ruwitch Foundation – $5,000.00

Costa Oil – $3,000.00

Jerry McGinley/Admiral Oil – $2,500.00

The Late Michelle Marx – $2,500.00

Crook & Crook – $2,500.00

Cpt. Bouncer Smith – $2,000.00

Cpt. Harry’s Fishing Supply – $2,000.00

Stephanie Choate – $2,000.00

Lewis Marine Supply – $2,000.00

Cpt. Charles Greenberg/Crescendo – $1,500.00

Anderson Family/Off the Wall – $1,500.00

Rafael Sanchez-Abali – $1,000.00

Damien Claire – $1,000.00

Rosher Family/Miss Britt Charters – $1,000.00

Rosher Family/R&R Tackle – $1,000.00

Claus Family/Qualifier – $1,000.00

Kitt Toomey – $1,000.00

Sanchez Family/Priceless – $1,000.00

Luis Perez/Full Time Sport Fishing – $1,000.00

R.J. Boyle – $1,000.00

Boat Center – $1,000.00

Craig and Jodi Fox – $1,000.00

Anonymous donor – $1,000.00

Cpt. Jimmy Cobb – $1,000.00

Tyler Tambor – $1,000.00

Bass2Billfish/Peter Miller – $1,000.00

Cpt. Jimmy Lewis Live Bait/Lewis Sport Fishing – $1,000.00

Cpt. Nel Martinez/Top Gun Charter – $1,000.00

Cpt. Joan Vernon/Presidential Challenge – $1,000.00

Albert Castro/Leeward Rods – $1,000.00

Manny Menendez – $1,000.00

Viking Service Center of Florida – $1,000.00

Rob Bowie/Nue-Ice – $1,000.00

Bob Hewes Boats – $1,000.00

Cpt. Mick Aixala/Brisa II – $700.00

Cpt. Wayne Conn/Reward Fishing Fleet – $500.00

Cpt. “Q” Dieterle/Cutting Edge Fishing – $500.00

Parks Masterson/Hopkins Carter – $500.00

Willi Lopez/Kayak Miami Group – $500.00

Eduardo Calil – $500.00

Nick Gonzalez/Double Threat Charters – $500.00

Capt. Eddies on the Key – $500.00

Law Offices of Jose Marrero & Associates – $500.00

Mike Puller/Summer School of Fish – $500.00

Chris Armstrong – $500.00

William Morrison – $500.00

Worldwide Insurance Group – $500.00

Jamie Bunn – $500.00

Eric Leech – $200.00

Guil Gutierrez/Lucky Fishing Charters – $200.00

Joe Figiel – $200.00

Andrew Horne – $200.00

Rick Morrell – $250.00

Cpt. Olrando Muniz/Nomad Fishing Charters – $250.00

Peter Larkin – $157.00

Cpt. Dave Brown – $150.00

Juan    Comendeiro – $150.00

Ivan Cabrerra – $100.00

Jose Prado – $100.00

Matthew Rule – $100.00

Vinny Delgado – $100.00

Craig Mick – $100.00

Harrison Bresee – $100.00

Edgar Benes – $100.00

Capt. Glenn Clyatt – $100.00

Justin Miller – $100.00

Robert Vich – $100.00

Warren Trazenfeld – $100.00

Meade McCabe, Jr. – $100.00

Press Release Charters, Inc. – $100.00

Kyle Sherman – $100.00

David Tejeda – $100.00

Jose Fernandez/Restripe Fishing – $100.00

Cpt. Alan Sherman/”Get Em” Sportfishing – $100.00

Vince Austin – $100.00

Todd Ross –   $100.00

Reyes Family – $100.00



$115,00.00-Shoreline expense pledge received from Rodney Barreto

$100,457.00-DERM costs pledges received, to date


$215,457.00-Total pledges received, to date



Bruce R. Marx, Esq.

Marlow, Adler, Abrams, Newman & Lewis

4000 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Suite 570

Coral Gables, FL 33146

Dir: 786.999.1766

Tel: 305.446.0500

Fax: 305.446.3667




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