HAT Dolphin/Wahoo Team Selection


The teams have been drawn. See below for tournament rules and teams. Captains and crews, please get in touch to work out logistics and provisions. Marlin Darlin will serve as committee boat and will monitor channel 72. It is not mandatory to call in catches but please do so Marlin Darlin can give updates throughout the day. There is still probably room for a couple more anglers so if your schedule frees up and you would like to fish, give me or Matt Cappiello a call and we will see what we can do. I will be out of town from Thursday to Monday so I will not be fishing the tournament. I will not be reachable for most of the time so if a decision needs to be made in my absence, Matt Cappiello will be on point.

The weather forecast is looking good for dolphin hunting. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck to all.

Mark Repetski (mrepetski@att.net)

HAT Dolphin/Wahoo Tournament 7/19/2014
Location: Port Everglades, Hillsboro or Boca Inlets
Lines in/out: 7am – 3pm
 – 1 point per pound for the largest dolphin and/or wahoo on the boat (must meet minimum 20in fork length for dolphin and
    be weighed at the dock on a scale you would not be embarrassed by) plus 1 point for each dolphin or wahoo
    caught (regardless of size or if kept or released)
 – Bonus fish – Tripletail. 10 points. Must meet 15 inch minimum size total length. Only 1 bonus available.
 –  One half points awarded if fishing with a professional guide/captain/mate
 Captain can select mate. All others will picked out of HAT
 Anyone who cancels after team selection is responsible to find a replacement or pay their share of the expenses
 Teams will be selected on 7/15
1 Muriel
 Capt Hugh Beckett
 Mate Steve Siegel
 Bob Sablo
 Trae West
2 Miss Kristi
 Capt Tim Nielsen
 Mate Glen Turner
 Phil Crowell
 John Kent
 Will Askew
3 Cresendo
Capt Charlie Greenberg
Mate Burt Moss
 Bob Schulman
 Michael Caplan
 Stu Hirsch
4 Marlin Darlin
Capt Don Euston
Mate Matt Cappiello
Bruce Ayala
 Arnie Sedel
5 Kingndi
 Capt Richard King
 Mate Gene Stoller
 Pete Prior
 Steve Golding

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