9/27 Swordfish HAT Tournament – Team selections


We may still get a few stragglers but we are up to 16 anglers so everyone will have at least 4 anglers on a boat. See below for team picks along with the tournament rules. Captains/crews, please get in touch with each other to work out logistics.

Split Decision will be the committee boat and will monitor channel 72. 3 of the 4 boats will be going out of Hillsboro inlet. Depending on what time everyone returns, we may meet at the LHP Marina to share a beer and brag about our catches or commiserate about the lack thereof. We will talk on the radio and figure out if anyone is up for that. Jim Blake and Tom Bruer got a 275 pounder on Saturday so I am expecting good things.

So far the weather looks good but we will look at the forecast later in the week and update everyone if anything changes.

Call or email me with any questions.

Mark (954 609 4309)

HAT Swordfish Tournament 9/27, backup date 10/4
Location: Port Everglades, Hillsboro or Boca Inlets
Lines in/out: 7pm – 12pm
 – Points: Swordfish only.  For fish kept (must meet minimum 47in lower jaw fork length), lower jaw fork length in
inches times girth in inches. For example, a fish 60 inches long with a 25 inch girth would be 1500 points.
 For any swordfish released – 1000 points.
 – No professional guide/captain/mate allowed
 – No electric reels
 – Captains are responsible for HMS Permits and catch reporting
 Captain can select mate. All others will be picked randomly
 Anyone who cancels after team selection is responsible to find a replacement or pay their share of the expenses
1. Split Decision
  Capt Mark Repetski
  Mate Steve Siegel
  Fred Bamman
  Matt Cappiello
2. My Time
  Capt Jim Blake
  Mate Tom Bruer
  Matt Long
  Steve Golding
3. Miss Kristi
 Capt Tim Nielsen
 Mate Glen Turner
  Joe Ferrero
  Pete Prior
4. PizPoop.com
 Capt Tom Jones
 Mate Sherman Nicks
  Gene Stoller
  Rick Moore

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