5/1 – 3 Key West Trip – Update



I know many of you are planning to make the Key West trip this year. We expect a great turnout. In order to properly plan the event, we need a good headcount. So far, I only have the people below on the list. Please let me know as soon as you can if you plan to go and are not on the list below. I also need the info requested in the prior email – copied below. The tournament rules and information are also included below in the prior email.

Teams: # in party Benihana Boat Room in boat
1. Moore 2 2 Y N
    Schmidt 2 2
    Bamman 2 2
   Ayala 2
2. Furia 2 2 Y N
    Sedel 2
John Kent 1 1 N


Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

Mark Repetski mrepetski@att.net


It is time to get organized for our upcoming Key West trip. We are planning to have our fishing tournament on Saturday, 5/2. This will be a Boat tournament – you can choose your own teams but there must be at least 2 club members on the boat. Tentative rules are below. Everyone will be on their own for booking boats for the tournament. I will get out a list of potential boats but there are plenty of excellent captains to choose from. Remember, that weekend is the opening of grouper season and prime time for the mutton snapper spawn so please organize your teams and book your boats early. I will help put people together that are looking for a boat or looking for anglers to fill their boat.

Everyone typically stays in a variety of hotels so you will be on their own for booking a room. I will try to get out a list of potential hotels and rates.

Frank Schmidt and Sherman Nicks are organizing a dive for any members interested in diving on Friday. Please contact them if you are interested.

We are also organizing a group dinner for Friday evening at Benihana. Everyone thought they did a great job for us at our tournament 2 years ago so we will put something together again.

At this point, we need to get a list of those people interested in attending. If so, please email me the following info:

How many (and who) in your party –

Do you need a boat –

If you have a boat booked, are you looking for additional anglers (if so, how many) –

Are you interested in attending dinner at Benihana Friday evening and , if so, how many in your party –


Mark Repetski  (mrepetski@att.net)

Lines in: 7AM, Lines out:  4PM
Catch 5 different listed species and receive 150 bonus points.
Catch 5 each of 3 listed species and receive 150 bonus points.
Fish must meet minimum state size requirements to qualify for points.
One half points awarded if fishing with a professional guide/captain/mate.
SPECIES/POINTS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total
MARLIN 100 80 60 40 20 300
SAILFISH 50 40 30 20 15 155
TARPON 50 40 30 20 15 155
WAHOO 50 40 30 20 15 155
MUTTON SNAPPER 25 25 20 15 10 95
PERMIT 25 25 20 15 10 95
BLK FIN TUNA 25 25 20 15 10 95
COBIA 25 25 20 15 10 95
DOLPHIN 25 25 20 15 10 95
KINGFISH 25 25 20 15 10 95
GROUPER 25 25 20 15 10 95

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