3/29 HAT Tournament Results


We finally pulled off a tournament! Congrats to Meat Wagon with Tom Jones, Sherman Nicks and Arnie Sedel. They released a sailfish and caught a nice kingfish to take top honors. Split Decision took second with the only other qualifying fish of the tournament (11lb king). Rick Moore, Stu Hirsch, Greg McLaughlin and Mark Repetski made up the Split Decision team. Here Fish! did not have a qualifying fish but managed to get 5 kings and a dolphin along with some bonita. Marlin Darlin also had a few opportunities on kings and sails but couldn’t get one to the boat. It was a great way to end our HAT Tournament year – we had the 4 top guys in the annual point standings fishing on different boats so the HAT championship was up for grabs. More on the outcome later.

The weather in the morning turned out to be excellent. Just enough of a north/northwest wind to fly kites and a slight north swell. Everyone saw action early and then it slowed down as the wind shifted. At the end of the tournament, it was blowing pretty good from the north and the seas started to build but it was still never a problem.

Thanks to all that participated.


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