3/14 HAT Tournament


The tournament rules and current sign up sheet are below. We only have 2 boats and 13 anglers signed up so far. We really need at least 2 more boats and a few more anglers to sign up to pull this off. I am trying to pick teams tonight so I need all the stragglers to let me know asap.


Mark (mrepetski@att.net)

HAT Mixed Bag Tournament 3/14/2015
Location: Port Everglades, Hillsboro or Boca Inlets
Lines in/out: 7am – 12pm. Lunch from 1 to 2pm at LHP Yacht Club
 – Eligible species: marlin, sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, cobia, blackfin tuna
 – Scoring: marlin 50 points, sailfish 25 points, all others 1 point per pound. 10lb minimum.
 –  Limit of  5 fish of any species. 25 point bonus for a qualifying catch of 3 species.
 –  One half points awarded if fishing with a professional guide/captain/mate
 Captain can select mate. All others will picked out of HAT
 Anyone who cancels after team selection is responsible to find a replacement or
 pay their share of the expenses
 Teams will be selected by March 10.  Captains collect $10 from each member for shirts.
Sign up on the website or email mrepetski@att.net
NAME CONTACT INFO (cell#, email)  boat Y/N     Mate
Mike Price N
Mark Repetski Y Greg McLaughlin
Greg McLaughlin N
Tom Jones Y Matt Cappiello
Matt Cappiello N
Gene Stoller N
Arnie Sedel N
Stu Hirsch N
Ken Whyte N
Bob Sablo N
Dominic Kleinhenz N
Kent Perrin N
Burt Dubois N

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