1/17 HAT Tournament – Final Teams (hopefully)


Final teams. 5 boats, 21 anglers. There is supposed to be a large group of kayaks fishing a tournament out of Hillsboro Inlet tomorrow as well. Keep an eye out for them. You also may want to track down your live bait early. Supposedly, they are all getting live bait from Hillsboro Live Bait just south of the inlet.

Here Fish is the committee boat and will be on ch 72.

Good luck to all.

HAT Billfish Tournament 1/17/2015
Location: Port Everglades, Hillsboro or Boca Inlets
Lines in/out: 7am – 12pm.
 – Eligible species: marlin, sailfish, spearfish
 – Scoring: marlin/spearfish 50 points, sailfish 25 points
 –  Circle hooks only
 –  One half points awarded if fishing with a professional guide/captain/mate
 Captain can select mate. All others will picked out of HAT
 Anyone who cancels after team selection is responsible to find a replacement or
 pay their share of the expenses
 Teams will be selected by January 13.  Captains collect $10 from each member for shirts.
Sign up on the website or email mrepetski@att.net
1. Miss Kristi
   Tim Nielsen
   Glen Turner
   Dennis Brammeier
   Gene Stoller
2. Marlin Darlin
   Don Euston
   Joe Imbriale
   Pete Prior
   Allen Furia
   Ray Little
3. Sub Dude
   Lou Sottini
   Randy Strauss
   Bob Sablo
   Chris Castles
4. Here Fish
   Steve Siegel
   Matt Cappiello
   Rick Moore
   Trae West
5. Meat Wagon
   Tom Jones
   Sherman Nicks
   Dominic Kleinhenz
   Jim Blake

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