11/14 – 16 Bimini Wahoo Tournament


This will be a boat tournament – captains pick who they want on their boat. The only requirement is that there are at least 2 club members on the boat to participate in the tournament. The Bimini Big Game Club is also having their Wahoo Smackdown tournament from 11/13 – 15 so we will overlap. Our tournament day will be the 15th. Our rules are below. The rules should allow you to fish both tournaments at the same time on Saturday if you also plan to fish the Smackdown. I have checked and at this point, there does not look like there will be any problem getting accommodations. People can stay where they want but I anticipate most will stay at Bimini Sands.

At this point, I would like to get a list of those that would like to participate. Email, call or sign up on the website. Let me know whether you plan to take your boat, who is fishing with you, and if you have any room for other club members.

As weather is always a question, we will try too have a backup date for the following weekend – 11/21-23.


Mark Repetski

954 609 4309 or mrepetski@att.net

Bimini Wahoo Boat Tournament 11/14 – 16
Tournament day is Saturday 11/15
Location: Bimini
Lines in/out: 7am/3pm
 – Only wahoo count for points.
 – Weight of largest 3 wahoo determines winner.
 – No restrictions on method of catching – wire lines/electric ok.
 Captains enter boats and select teams.
 Must have at least 2 club members on boat to participate.
 Captains responsible for following Bahamian/US fishing regulations.
 Captains collect $10 from each member for tournament shirts
 Sign up on the website, at club meeting or email Mark Repetski mrepetski@att.net
NAME CONTACT INFO (cell#, email)  boat Y/N     Mate

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